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Cheating Hearts

I have realized that it’s not only my cheating heart that is out there, but other women’s cheating hearts too!

I travel to work on public transportation, it’s not too convenient, but it’s better than taking a car; here are two stories to tell.  These two stories are real, not made up; I’ve witnessed it first hand.  One story happened on the train, and the other the bus.

The first is of a young man (“YM”), who had some trouble and spent time in the big house.  His mother, unfortunately, had a heart attack – unbeknownst to me, I am not sure if it was due to his incarceration.

The YM is riding home and decides to take a cell call.  He starts off with telling the person on the phone, that he couldn’t believe it!  He only had sex with the young girl (age 19), once; and she’s pregnant.  He is heart broken because after she told him, he tried to see her but to no avail.  YM went to the girl’s house, and her parents, asked him not to see her again, she is 19 and the girl is happy about the pregnancy; she’s willing to have nothing to do with him and her parents told him we will help our daughter meet her goals and raise her child.  He is forlorn; how could they just kick him out of his baby’s life!

He continues with his tale of woe to the person on the phone.  Well, while he was incarcerated, his girl friend would come and visit him.  During that time, she had a friend, who was a “church goer” and this girl decided to go and visit him with the Word.  He finishes his tour and decides to go visit the friend, well, he didn’t know what happened, but the next thing they had “relations.”  He was mortified and begged her not to tell his girl.  (He’s been with his “girl” for many years.)  No, he can’t tell anyone, because he’s afraid that his Mother will have another heart attack and he would lose his girl; and he doesn’t want that to happen.  YM is so besides himself, he can’t understand what happened.  The only thing he knows is, he’s fathered a child, who he won’t be able to see ever and he can’t tell the people he loves because he messed up.  How will he ever handle such a burden – he begs for advice. 

Do you see my big violin?  Neither do I – if you loved your girl so much, why screw someone else? 

Answer me that Batman!

Couple gets on the train.  I see them walking together, they don’t look like they are actually together, she’s dressed seductively and he geeky looking – opposites attract.  They both have wedding rings on – my guess, they are married to each other.

They sit in the seats in front of me.

They start talking and I can see both of them through the reflection in the glass.  They are in seats that face each other. 

She’s foreign, he American.

All of a sudden she starts talking about her husband.  He’s gone to Florida and he didn’t want to take her, he’s probably cheating on her.  Hmmm.  She explains to her escort, that’s why she’s able to see him a lot this week.

He starts to talk to her about his wife.  She tells him, “you need to give her some time, she’ll needs to feel safe and then she’ll lighten up.”  He, in reply says, “I wish my wife was a positive as you are.  I can’t believe she making things so miserable for me.”  They both lean into each other and start sucking lips. 

EXCUSE ME – may be she would be more positive if you weren’t cheating on her!  Women can sense stuff, although men think we are crazy!  We’ve got the power.

What hurts me the most, is seeing that it’s not just my heart out there cheating but a bunch of other folks.

Why is it so hard to stay with just one person, and why are other women entertaining men who have other women in their lives?  It’s not very nice is it.


My cheating heart breaks my heart every time we are having a good day, by staring at other women, or sneaking off someone; but I guess it goes to show that cheating hearts are all around us!



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My husband usually gets home before me. However, on this one day last week, my intuition was kicking; but more so, I left work early.  I got home at 5:30ish p.m., however, he was not home. His usual time is 5:00 p.m.

So, what’s a girl to do, especially when she’s got that feeling deep inside, oh yeah!

I call him, wanting to set up for dinner. He picks up his phone and is annoyed at me because I’m calling him.  He thinks I am sounding accusatory that he’s doing something bad. (Guilty)  Hmmm……

If you telephone your partner and he sounds like he’s annoyed at you, isn’t that the scientific method of correlation? You call him, then he sounds aggravated, your self esteem depletes and your reaction and/or tone is of resentment because he’s stealing your good intentions away – weird how that becomes your fault.

Well, since that’s been explained away, let’s continue.

Half-an-hour later, I get a text apologizes. I ignore the resistance to respond. It’s about another ½ hour later, I call him; once again, he’s upset I called, he’s got to pull the car over to the side of the road to take the call; and yet, in the background, I can hear the beeping of the car door when it opens up –LIAR – he was now getting into the car. We proceed to argue, I hang up on him.

He gets to the house, and continues to argue. We argue over the following: Time home: (a) he expected me home at 6:30 p.m.; therefore, he would have been home at 6:30 p.m.; but I got home at 5:30 p.m. a whole hour before; and I messed up. (b) me – he is usually home at 5 p.m. what’s the problem? Was he really working?

He jumps into the shower, and I am putting away the laundry, I hear him in the bathroom, “where were you? I was looking all over for you.” Silence, then “fuck you” in a soft loving tone. He then screams “arrgh.” Eventually getting out of the shower.

Me, was he pleasuring himself? That’s just ripe! After fight night, my friend said, “nope, he was on the phone talking to someone.  You do think he has two (2) phones don’t you?” 

 We settle in to attempt to eat dinner, but he brings up the whole thing again.

 Finally, we clean up the dinner table and things are strained. Me in my cap; I grab my pants and say, “hey, I’m getting out of here.”

As I start walking away, I realize what’s going on. I turn back around and walk over to him. “You know what? This argument is all about you. You didn’t expect me to be home at 5:30, but at the usual time, so you made plans to meet up with someone, and me being home early screwed you up.  This isn’t about me, but you, and you need to start being honest.”

Returning later that night, I jump in the shower and he joins me, and we end up making love and him in his full enjoyment, comes all over me. “I’m sorry I got you upset,” he said.

There is someone else, and I’ve narrowed her down – and I know where she works and lives. I just need time to find her properly and ask her to give me back my husband, that cheating liar!

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