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I got home early or just at 6 p.m.  It was interesting, because I get butterflies in my stomach or a nervous energy.  So, I walked home and there is a short cut, however, if the gate is closed – there’s no short cut, it’s a longer walk – to the gate, find out it’s closed and back down the road and around the bend.

So last night walking home, I decided forget the short cut and head straight home.  From the side of the road, you can see the lights and windows of my house.  I noticed, the lights were off, but a bit oddly.  The kitchen light was on, and from our son’s room you can see through the window to the open door of our bedroom, and the light was on there.

When I got to the front of the house – all the lights were off.

I put my keys into the first door and as usual.  However, there is a second door and the lock was on – hmmm.  As I entered the mudroom, I took my boots off and my coats.  Immediately my husband came to the door to greet me, “oh, you’re home early.”  My response, no.  He responds, “don’t you usually get here at 6:18?”  Me, “only when I’m on the 5:30 bus.”

He then laughs and tells me you should see what I did to my butt.  When I was shaving, I cut my self up under my butt.  He drags me into the bedroom.  All the lights remain off in the house.

Then he is very anxious to leave the house.  Let’s go get sushi but now.

He is acting peculiar.  This is where my instincts should have gone off; but instead I tell him I’m going to take a quick shower. 

Blah, blah, blah.

Late last night, I can’t fall asleep and start thinking about what’s just happened – I believe someone else was in the house with him and he didn’t expect me early.  I was a fool not to casually walk through the house.

This morning, he get’s dressed for work and he’s in jeans and casual attire.  Why are you dressed like that?  He says he’s going to be out in the field and doesn’t want to get his work clothes dirty. 

I’m not taking lunch today; and leaving early to find out what’s going on!

Oh, I can’t I’ve got a doc’s appointment that I’ve waited for – 3 months ago.  I’m screwed.

I can’t catch him today.


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